Marlow & Kimberly


Multi Ch. Nobility Mr. Marlow

Wsgr.Ch. Charncroft Caleb Charncroft Cloverglen Ch. Wellknowe Crofter
Charncroft Casique
Charncroft Copper Surprise Charncroft Crispian
Charncroft Chantress
Glamour Gladys the Nobility Ch. Beach Boy the Nobility Ch. Dearbolt Christopher Robin
Alissa vom Kleinen Hobbit
Ch. Cirby German Star of Pribardom Ch. Beagold Bruin Scott
Ch. First Blue Star Lady of Pribardom

Kimberly Dib's Spring of Happy Tale

Prince Black Balou of Happy Tale Ch. River Belle's Noble - Neil Ch. First Grey Rinty of Pribardom
CH. Beardie Connections Knock Out
Funny Girl of Blue Wonder Ch. Calston Chrystal Charm
His-N-Hers Bearded Supertramp
Ch. Dibbedabbedoo of Pribardom Gilby Fawn Oner of Debora's Farm

 Davealex Willy Wumpkins

Trista Black Emery of Debora's Farm
Ch. Beagold Emma Jean Ch. Beagold Nikki Nort
Beagold Ella Brown